CFD Bonds launched for trading

September 25, 2018

BlueOrange Bank continues to extend the list of its CFD tradable instrument by introducing new CFD contracts. This time some of European government bonds were added, such as German government bond (BUND.TR/EUR) and UK government bond (UKGILT.TR/GBP). The maximum leverage size for this CFDs is 1:5.

We are also announce an increase of tradable CFDs on Indices:

 - Dollar Index (DOLLAR.IDX/USD)

 - Netherlands 25 Index (NLD.IDX/EUR)

 - Singapore Blue Chip Index (SGD.IDX/SGD)

 - India 50 Index (IND.IDX/USD)

The maximum leverage size for these CFDs is 1:10.

We regularly expand the list of trading instruments to meet our customer’s needs. Currently, the list includes FX instruments, precious metals, commodity CFDs, indices, stocks, bonds and crypto currency.