Bond trading

Fixed and stable income up to 10% per annum


Bonds are debt securities that bring profit to the investor in the form of accrued coupon and from the difference between the market purchase and sale price

Bond issuer guarantees the payment of coupon to the investor, as well as to repurchase of bonds at face value at the maturity date

Different types of bonds are traded on the market:

Government bonds

Corporate bonds

Municipal bonds


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    Yield higher than for bank deposits.

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    Wider selection of issuers.

  • Interest income accrued for each day.

  • Minimum investment EUR 5000.

Where to purchase bonds?

Transactions with bonds are carried out on the exchange and over-the-counter markets. BlueOrange cooperates with leading investment banks and brokerage companies and is ready to purchase bonds in any market.

BlueOrange provides access to electronic platforms and specialized exchanges:

✔ Bloomberg MTF




EuroTLX market

Frankfurt Exchange Bond market

Deutsche Borse

Commission only 0.10% of the transaction amount

Best terms of trade

BlueOrange executes orders at the best prices.

A wide counterparty network allows to offer the best prices on the market.
We offer transparent conditions for the execution of orders and withdraws only transaction fees.

Primary placement of bonds

Every day, hundreds of companies all over the world issue new bonds

New bond issues provide premium to current market yield

The Bank monitors new issues in Europe and Emerging markets in EUR and USD currencies on a daily basis

The Bank offers services of participating in primary placement of bonds

For corporate clients we help in organizing issue of bonds in the Baltic market.

Bond market analytics and latest news

We constantly monitor the latest trends in the bond market

✔ We analyse price changes and screen yield spreads in the market

✔ We keep track of the latest news about companies and changes in credit rates

✔ We follow the latest corporate events and new releases




The Bank offers financing
against securities portfolio

Financing provides for the ability to:

Attract borrowed assets, allowing to increase the portfolio yield

Increase liquidity within 1 business day

The Bank provides financing

For up to 50% of the portfolio value

Secured by bonds with credit rating B and higher

For up to 1 month with the possibility of extension

Rate from 5% (EUR)

Securities Lending Program*

You can get additional income and increase the yield of your investment portfolio

We invite you to participate in the Securities Lending Program

You can lend bonds from your portfolio to other investors and receive income for each day your securities are loaned

BlueOrange pays commission to the client on a monthly basis

* The service is available only to professional clients.