Forex trading

Professional trading platform BlueOrange FX

BlueOrange allows margin trading on the Forex market

Peldošais spreds no 0,8 punktiem

Tight floating spreads   from 0,8 pips

Vairāk nekā 50 valūtu pāri tirdzniecbai

Trade over 60 currency pairs

ECN bez requotes paziņojumiem

No-requotes trading using ECN technology

100% automatiskā darījumu izpilde

100% automatic trade execution

✔ Minimum deposit from EUR 100

✔ Minimum trade volume – 0.01 lots

✔ Market Execution method

✔ Leverage up to 1:30

✔ Trading account denominated in EUR, USD or GBP 

✔ Triple swap day: Wednesday *

✔ Margin Call from 100%, Margin Cut from 200%

✔ Fee based on volume traded, starting at EUR 6.50 per contract

✔ Core instruments are traded 24/5 without any breaks

✔ Good service and client support (in English, Russian as well as Latvian)

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These days, the overwhelming majority of investors use various trading platforms for foreign exchange market operations. The platforms are optimised to facilitate exceptional speed of action and reaction in a range of market situations.

The panes are organised to maximise user convenience while monitoring the market and the current volume for open positions, managing their orders, tracking leverage, results and developments on their account.

Slippage Control functionality provides maximum precision at trade execution. The platforms allow trading in two modes: Net Position* and Hedging. The Hedging mode allows the trader to keep opposite positions in one instrument, with the option of using the Offset feature.

* The Net Position mode (only available on the JAVA and JFOREX platforms) reflects all orders in one currency pair as a single position.

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Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) is an international currency market where participants execute transactions, buying and selling currency in real time. In terms of operations activity, the currency market is the largest in the world. Daily trading volumes on the Forex market are estimated at several trillion U.S. dollars. Given its scale and absolute liquidity, the market attracts investors from around the world.

To conclude a transaction, all that is necessary is a small percentage of the full contract price, known as a guarantee deposit or margin. The investor contributes the initial margin (insurance deposit) and gets access to transactions that may exceed this initial amount by a factor of 50 or even 100. If for any reason you are unable to use a computer, you can place an order by calling the BlueOrange Bank broker over the phone. The broker will place your order in the system.

All positions that remain open at the end of a day are rolled over to the following day automatically.

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  • Free demo account

  • Graphical analysis and a wide range of technical indicators

  • Wide range of trading orders

  • E-mail or SMS notifications about event triggers

  • One-Click trading

  • High-speed execution

  • Direct market quotes

  • The best quotes from the world's largest liquidity suppliers

Trading Analytics

           * - the swap points values listed in the table refer to Premium accounts

Contract specifications

DescriptionSymbolSpread (min.)Initial margin
Australian Dollar vs. Canadian DollarAUD/CAD0.75% (1:20)
Australian Dollar vs. Swiss FrancAUD/CHF1.25% (1:20)
Australian Dollar vs. Japanese YenAUD/JPY0.75% (1:20)
Australian Dollar vs. New Zealand DollarAUD/NZD0.75% (1:20)
Australian Dollar vs. Singapore DollarAUD/SGD1.75% (1:20)
Australian Dollar vs. US DollarAUD/USD0.85% (1:20)
Canadian Dollar vs. Swiss FrancCAD/CHF1.13.33% (1:30)
Canadian Dollar vs Hong Kong DollarCAD/HKD2.910% (1:10)
Canadian Dollar vs. Japanese YenCAD/JPY0.73.33% (1:30)
Swiss Franc vs. Japanese YenCHF/JPY1.03.33% (1:30)
Swiss Franc vs. Polish ZlotyCHF/PLN19.25% (1:20)
Swiss Franc vs. Singapore DollarCHF/SGD2.25% (1:20)
Euro vs. Australian DollarEUR/AUD1.05% (1:20)
Euro vs. Canadian DollarEUR/CAD1.03.33% (1:30)
Euro vs. Swiss FrancEUR/CHF0.73.33% (1:30)
Euro vs Danish KroneEUR/DKK1.25% (1:20)
Euro vs. British PoundEUR/GBP0.73.33% (1:30)
Euro vs. Hong Kong DollarEUR/HKD1.310% (1:10)
Euro vs. Japanese YenEUR/JPY1.33.33% (1:30)
Euro vs. Norwegian KroneEUR/NOK1.15% (1:20)
Euro vs. New Zealand DollarEUR/NZD1.05% (1:20)
Euro vs. Polish ZlotyEUR/PLN1.25% (1:20)
Euro vs. Russian RubleEUR/RUB25010% (1:10)
Euro vs. Swedish KronaEUR/SEK1.85% (1:20)
Euro vs. Singapore DollarEUR/SGD1.45% (1:20)
Euro vs. Turkish LiraEUR/TRY1.710% (1:10)
Euro vs. US DollarEUR/USD0.83.33% (1:30)
British Pound vs. Australian DollarGBP/AUD1.05% (1:20)
British Pound vs. Canadian DollarGBP/CAD1.13.33% (1:30)
British Pound vs. Swiss FrancGBP/CHF0.73.33% (1:30)
British Pound vs. Japanese YenGBP/JPY0.73.33% (1:30)
British Pound vs. New Zealand DollarGBP/NZD1.05% (1:20)
British Pound vs. US DollarGBP/USD0.73.33% (1:30)
Hong Kong Dollar vs. Japanese YenHKD/JPY1.110% (1:10)
New Zealand Dollar vs. Canadian DollarNZD/CAD1.65% (1:20)
New Zealand Dollar vs. Swiss FrancNZD/CHF1.05% (1:20)
New Zealand Dollar vs. Japanese YenNZD/JPY1.05% (1:20)
New Zealand Dollar vs. US DollarNZD/USD1.05% (1:20)
Singapore Dollar vs. Japanese YenSGD/JPY1.15% (1:20)
Turkish Lira vs. Japanese YenTRY/JPY0.710% (1:10)
US Dollar vs. Canadian DollarUSD/CAD0.73.33% (1:30)
US Dollar vs. Swiss FrancUSD/CHF0.73.33% (1:30)
US Dollar vs. Chinese YuanUSD/CNH1.110% (1:10)
US Dollar vs. Danish KroneUSD/DKK1.110% (1:10)
US Dollar vs Hong Kong DollarUSD/HKD1.110% (1:10)
US Dollar vs. Japanese YenUSD/JPY1.03.33% (1:30)
US Dollar vs. Mexican PesoUSD/MXN0.710% (1:10)
US Dollar vs. Norwegian KroneUSD/NOK1.05% (1:20)
US Dollar vs. Polish ZlotyUSD/PLN1.85% (1:20)
US Dollar vs Russian RubleUSD/RUB18010% (1:10)
US Dollar vs. Swedish KronaUSD/SEK1.25% (1:20)
US Dollar vs. Singapore DollarUSD/SGD1.05% (1:20)
US Dollar vs. Turkish LiraUSD/TRY1.110% (1:10)
US Dollar vs. Hungarian ForintUSD/HUF**10% (1:10)
US Dollar vs. South African RandUSD/ZAR1.75% (1:20)
South African Rand vs. Japanese YenZAR/JPY0.710% (1:10)

Commission structure

Asset classSpreadFee per lot
Forexfrom 0.8 pipsfrom 6.5 EUR
CFDs-11.25 USD


We offer a commission, which is calculated depending on the trade turnover. Clients receives floating spreads from 0.8 pips and pays fixed commission from 65 EUR per 1 million EUR traded (or 0.0065%). Collected in proportion to each trading operation performed.


This is a situation where margin requirements do not allow a client to increase open positions on their account. In this case, the client can only close existing positions or hedge them to reduce net exposure. Regardless of whether the margin call threshold has been reached, currently open positions will not be closed automatically. However, all bid/offer orders that might increase the total volume of operations will be cancelled.

If leverage use reaches or exceeds 200%, the Bank may (but is not obliged to) fully or partly reduce the volume of operations on the client’s account by closing current positions and/or opening reverses positions (if the client has selected the Partial Hedge feature**). With Partial Hedge, the system will reduce  use of leverage to 100% automatically. 

**How the Partial Hedge feature works If leverage use reaches or exceeds 200%, the system will automatically open hedge positions to reverse each of the client’s current positions so as to lower the leverage use to 100% at most. This feature is enabled manually by the client. To activate, it, go to the reports section and open the SUMMARY menu, followed by MY STATUS, then MARGIN MODE. Select the PARTIAL HEDGE mode.


Swapping involves a carryover of any open positions on an account through settlement time if physical delivery of the relevant currencies needs to be avoided. This process is also known as a position roll, carry or overnight swap. At 09:00pm GMT (or 10:00pm GMT for Winter Time), a settlement procedure carries over open positions on the account to the next settlement date. The process simultaneously closes positions at the settlement price and opens equivalent positions on the next settlement date at the settlement price, +/- cost of carry in pips (specified in the Cost of Carry table in the BlueOrange FX Trader section on the bank’s website). These operations are referred to as rollover close and rollover open, accordingly, and may be viewed within the trading platform (Portfolio tab, Current Account Balance item). Clients may also see how the rollover affects them by checking the Positions item


Major instruments are traded round the clock without breaks, from market open on Sunday at 09:00pm GMT (Summer Time DST; 10:00pm GMT Winter Time) to market close on Friday at 09:00pm GMT (Summer  Time; 10:00pm GMT Winter Time).

US Dollar / Russian Ruble (USD/RUB) – are not tradable from 8:50pm till 07:00am GMT. Low liquidity / trading disabled on public holidays in the Russian Federation.

With reduced liquidity while markets are closed, trading may be suspended or subjected to special restrictions on the USD/PLN, EUR/PLN, USD/TRY, EUR/TRY currency pairs. US Dollar / Polish Zloty (USD/PLN) / Euro / Polish Zloty (EUR/PLN) / Euro / Turkish Lira (EUR/TRY) / US Dollar / Turkish Lira (USD/TRY) – are not tradable from 6:00pm GMT in Summer time DST (from 7:00pm GMT in Winter time) till 07:00am GMT in Summer time (from 08:00am GMT in Winter time). 


Margin Forex and CFD are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

More than 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading Margin Forex and CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs and Margin Forex work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Margin Forex and CFD are not suitable for all investors. Margin Forex and CFD suitable to retail investor only with previous experience of trading.