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  • 18 global stock market indexes

  • Fixed commission only 1.125 b.p. (0.01125%)

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Stock market indexes CFDs  (Contracts for difference)

Investing in stock market indexes is the safest way to invest because you choose a “basket” of diverse stocks instead of putting all your investments in a single company.

Index value changes are determined by the total of changes in the quotations of all securities comprising the index. For today’s investors, the indexes allow convenient tracking of the overall situation in a specific country, business sector or market segment.

By investing in an index, you invest in an aggregate of multiple assets – for instance, the 30 largest companies on the German stock exchange are tracked by the DAX 30 index.

Stock market indexes present a good opportunity for beginning traders who have small amounts of capital and do not have the time to keep track of market data on a daily basis.

Specifics of trading CFDs

CFD ir izveidoti, lai apmierinātu katra tirgotāja prasības

Contracts for difference were created to suit the needs of all traders:

✔ Trading on rising and falling markets – just like Forex plays, CFD trading allows you to buy (go long) if you expect the market increase prices or sell (go short) if you think the market is ripe for a downward adjustment.

✔ Effective allocation of capital with a high degree of leverage – CFDs are traded with a so-called credit shoulder, which means that you need a relatively small deposit to open a position, as opposed to tying up the entire price of a transaction.

✔ Longer trading hours – a number of CFD instruments are traded outside of regular trading sessions.

✔ Hedging opportunities – if you suspect that stocks or other assets in your portfolio might lose value in the short term, you may sell a CFD in order to cover the difference. 

Trading conditions

Trading session
(summer time)
Trading session
(winter time)
USA500.IDXUS 500 Index14000.01 USDSun – Fri; 22:00 – 20:15Sun – Fri; 23:00 – 21:15
USATECH.IDXUS 100 Tech Index6500.01 USDSun – Fri; 22:00 – 20:15Sun – Fri; 23:00 – 21:15
USA30.IDXUS 30 Index1600.01 USDSun – Fri; 22:00 – 20:15Sun – Fri; 23:00 – 21:15
DEU.IDX*Germany 30 Index2500.01 EURSun – Fri; 22:00 – 20:15Sun – Fri; 23:00 – 21:15
GBR.IDX*UK 100 Index3500.01 GBPSun – Fri; 22:00 – 20:15Sun – Fri; 23:00 – 21:15
FRA.IDX*France 40 Index6000.01 EURSun – Fri; 22:00 – 20:15Sun – Fri; 23:00 – 21:15
AUS.IDXAustralia 200 Index7500.01 AUDSun – Fri; 23:50 – 21:00Mon – Fri; 00:50 – 22:00
JPN.IDXJapan 200+ Index200000.01 JPYSun – Fri; 23:00 – 20:15Mon – Fri; 00:00 – 21:15
HKG.IDXHong Kong Index10000.01 HKDDaily 1:15 – 17:00Daily 1:15 – 17:00
CHE.IDXSwitzerland 20 Index3500.01 CHFDaily 6:00 – 20:00Daily 7:00 – 21:00
ESP.IDX*Spain 35 Index3000.01 EURDaily 06:00 – 18:00Daily 07:00 – 19:00
EUS.IDX*EU Stocks 50 Index9000.01 EURDaily 6:00 – 20:00Daily 7:00 – 21:00
CHI.IDX50 largest
China A-Share companies
2800.01 USDDaily 01:00 – 20:30Daily 02:00 – 21:30
DOLLAR.IDXUS Dollar Index315300.01 USDMon – Fri; 00:00 – 21:00Mon – Fri; 01:00 – 22:00
NLD.IDXNetherlands 25 Index45500.01 EURDaily 06:00 – 20:00Daily 07:00 – 21:00
SGD.IDXSingapore Blue Chip Index112200.01 SGDMon – Fri; 00:30 – 21:00Mon – Fri; 01:30 – 22:00
IND.IDXIndia 50 Index2700.01 USDDaily 01:00 – 20:15Daily 02:00 – 21:15
PLN.IDXPoland 20 Index15450.01 PLNDaily 6:45 – 14:50Daily 7:45 –15:50
USSC2000.IDXUS Small Cap 2000 Index25850.01 USDSun – Fri; 22:00 – 20:15Sun – Fri; 23:00 – 21:15
Trading session
(summer time)
Trading session
(winter time)
BUND.TR/EURGerman government bond158800.01 EURDaily 06:00 – 20:00Daily 07:00 – 21:00
UKGILT.TR/GBPUK government bond186780.01 GBPDaily 07:00 – 17:00Daily 08:00 – 18:00
USTBOND.TRUS government bond19'4800.01 USDDaily 22:00 – 21:00Daily 23:00 – 22:00

We offer a commission, which is calculated depending on the trade turnover. Clients receives floating spreads from $0.10 and pays fixed commission $112.5 per 1 million U.S. dollars traded (0.01125%). Collected in proportion to each trading operation performed.

CFD pricing utilises ECN marketplace price competition technology. Each BlueOrange Bank client (ECN marketplace participant) can affect pricing and liquidity by placing BID and OFFER orders of their own. BlueOrange Bank acts as a counterparty for each transaction and might hedge a CFD with other clients or financial markets. 

The price of a CFD is not the same as the price of a hedging instrument. CFD pricing is not derived from a hedging instrument legally or economically. CFD pricing does not directly reflect exchange prices on the underlying assets and should not be considered to represent information from the relevant exchanges. Our CFD quotations should not be considered exact price information provided by an exchange and/or the trademark owner of a hedging instrument.

CFD positions in indexes may be subject to dividend adjustments, which apply to open positions on ex-dividend days (i.e. positions that stand at settlement time of the preceding trading day). Dividends for long positions are adjusted and credited to a client’s account; conversely, short position dividend adjustments are debited from a client’s account. The values in the Long and Short position columns in the table below represent the applicable dividends in the currency of the relevant CFD instrument that will be credited or debited for 1 contract.


Margin Forex and CFD are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

More than 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading Margin Forex and CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs and Margin Forex work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Margin Forex and CFD are not suitable for all investors. Margin Forex and CFD suitable to retail investor only with previous experience of trading.