BlueOrange reduces spreads on currency pairs

May 15, 2021

BlueOrange continues to improve the range of services for its clients on the Forex market. Following recent optimizations with counterparties and the improvement of trading conditions for clients in May, BlueOrange Bank significantly reduced the level of spreads for the most of currency pairs for clients, which are using the BlueOrangeFX trading platform.

Level of spreads for major currency pairs:

- EUR / USD as low as 0.2 points

- GBP/USD as low as 0.4 points

- USD/JPY as low as 0.2 points

- EUR/GBP as low as 0.6 points

- CHF/USD as low as 0.6 points

Reducing spreads will allow clients to minimize costs associated with trading in the market and significantly increase the efficiency of their trading strategies.

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