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Frequently asked questions with answers

Account Opening and Servicing

Register with the Client Area by clicking Open Account. If you do not have the necessary Forex experience, we highly recommend opening a demo account at first for risk-free learning. Once you’re ready to open a live trading account, fill out the online application for account opening, deposit funds to the account, and start trading.

Unfortunately, the platform is not intended for exchange operations; it operates on leverage (up to 1:30) using the margin trading principle. Margin trading enables you to trade amounts much higher than your account deposit. Margin trading is used primarily for profit on speculative operations or for hedging currency risks.

We provide trading platforms for mobile devices running the iOS or Android.

Demo Account is a training version of a real trading account designed specifically for exploring financial markets, testing the features of a trading platform, and improving hands-on trading experience in real market conditions without risking your own funds.

To open a demo account, you will be required to register in the Client Area. If for some reason you were unable to register in the Client Area, you can use a backup link for opening a demo account.

Settlement activities are conducted on a daily basis and include all post-trade operations such as trade settlements, rollovers, volume commissions and daily P&L conversions and other end-of-day amendments (please refer to Overnight policy for related information on value date and overnights). Settlement procedure is applied at 21:00/22:00 GMT and is carried out automatically in the account's base currency. Account balance is updated on a daily basis after settlement procedure. Clients are able to track balance history in various reports through the trading platform in section Reports.

Depositing and Withdrawing funds, if trading account opened remotely

To replenish your trading account:

Log in to the Client Area and send us a notification about replenishment of the Trading account in the section "Transfer funds".

Have the amount specified in the order remitted from your account at an EU bank (the linked account) to the BlueOrange Bank transit account specified in the order.

The funds received will be forwarded from the transit account to your trading account.

BlueOrange Bank will not withhold a fee for the transfer from its transit account to your trading account but please consider the fee that might be withheld by the paying bank.

Please note that the total amount of security deposits throughout the term of the Agreement may not exceed EUR 50,000 (or the equivalent amount in USD).

In order to withdraw funds from your trading account:

Log in to the the Client Area and send us a trading account withdrawal order.

The amount specified in your order will be remitted to your account with an EU bank (linked account).

We will withhold a fee for the transfer in accordance with the bank’s settlement pricelist. 

Yes you can. However, you will not be able to withdraw more than the unattached balance (free margin) of your trading account.

Furthermore, if you are withdrawing a large fraction of the available balance, please note that the risk of position closure due to insufficient margin will be increased.


Spot markets are those that operate at the going market prices of financial instruments. The price is directly tied to the going rate, as opposed to futures and forward contracts.

Spot trading is trading directly at market rates given a predefined settlement date (also known as a value date) on the second business day following execution of the transaction.

The largest Forex market players that make up the differences in currency exchange rates are some the world’s largest institutions – central banks, commercial banks, and investment banks. This market is known as an interbank market because banks continually transact with one another on behalf of their clients. However, the number of other players is increasing at a high rate – the list now includes large international corporations, global asset managers, registered traders, international brokers, futures and options traders, as well as individual investors.

ECN is short for “Electronic Communications Network”. An ECN account provides direct market access for transacting with other market players.

A margin is the minimum coverage required in order to perform transactions.

This is a situation where margin requirements do not allow a client to increase open positions on their account. In this case, the client can only close existing positions or hedge them to reduce net exposure. Regardless of whether the margin call threshold has been reached, currently open positions will not be closed automatically. However, all bid/offer orders that might increase the total volume of operations will be cancelled.

If leverage use reaches or exceeds 200%, the Bank may (but is not obliged to) fully or partly reduce the volume of operations on the client’s account by closing current positions and/or opening reverses positions (if the client has selected the Partial Hedge feature**). By default, the system will close all open positions. If the client has activated the Partial Hedge feature, the system will automatically reduce the total volume of open positions to about 100% leverage use by opening reverse, or hedging positions.

ASK – the price at which a client may purchase a currency.

BID –the price at which a client may sell a currency.